My friend Dominic Brack and I did a you won't challenge this week, joined by our wonderful friend Kyla Kennedy. Some interesting stuff happened here that you won't wanna miss. Comment down below something creative.

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Sofie is a self-taught contortionist, hand balancer, aerialist. 2016 America’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer Contestant & FINALIST. She can be seen on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Disney Channel, and Nickelodeon.

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  • awwwwwww dom wanted a little kiss XDDDD

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  • done love your vids

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  • Dofie siting in the tree they kissed and it was awesome. Come on sofie and bom u guys should be together

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  • dom is mr.simp

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  • A random fan...I feel like his name is spelt: D-O-M. But I'm not to sure...

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  • 👇 People ship #Dofie

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  • 'you guys are hurting my feelings :(' LMFAOO

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  • He be like I am just gonna tie her shoe because I love her

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  • Sorry but that's fake merch..

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  • That was literally so mean of sofie saying I can't to u u have an android i have an android and apple actually sucks the camera the quality if sofie said that to me I would literally be so sad and angry

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